On the Friday night (from 7pm) before the tournament local players will host an informal evening of backgammon – chouettes and jackpots etc.

Saturday will be a 5 round Swiss type qualifying tournament of 7 point matches with the top 16 players qualifying for the finals on Sunday. Anyone who wins 5 or 4 matches will automatically qualify, those who win 3 will go into a 1-pt playoff to fill up the main knockout to 16 places.

The remaining forty-eight players will qualify for the consolation tournament.  This will be seeded so that players with three wins from day one get a first round bye, and players with two wins will be kept apart as far as possible.

The Main finals will be 11 point matches and the Consolation will be 7 point matches.

If you are unlucky enough to be knocked out early in the finals then there is a Last Chance of 5 point matches starting at approximately 12pm (late enough for all first round matches to complete).

Optional prize pools will be available for the Main, Consolation and Last Chance. Pool money will be split 2/3 to winner of pool, 1/3 to runner up. (see ‘Entry Fees & Pools’ section)

There will be cash prizes and trophies for the winners and runners up in the Main, Consolation and Last Chance.

On Saturday evening, there will be a Consulting Doubles knockout. If you don’t have a partner and wish to play, just let us know on the day and we’ll find you one!


Round times after the first each day are approximate.


9.30 – 11.00 Registration
11.00 Swiss round 1 begins
12.20 Swiss round 2 begins
2.00 Swiss round 3 begins
3.20 Swiss round 4 begins
4.40 Swiss round 5 begins
7.30 Doubles begins


10.00 Draws for Main and Consolation
10.10 Play begins
11.30 Consolation round 2
12.30 Main round 2; Consolation round 3.
12.45 Last Chance begins
14.00 Consolation round 4
15.00 Main round 3; Consolation round 5
16.00 Consolation FINAL
17.00 Main FINAL begins
19.00 Prize-giving and close